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How it works
In 6 simple steps

Step 1
Set your budget

Use our budget planner to help you decide the ideal budget for your financial circumstances

Step 2
Tell us what you want & need

Complete our find me a car form to help us recommend the right car for your exact wants, needs and planned usage.

We will call you to discuss your requirements in more detail, and talk about some initial recommendations. Eventually, we will agree on the make, model and specification of the car.

Step 3
Pre-approve your car finance

We review our panel of approved finance partners for the best product that is suitable for your budget and your financial circumstances. We can then complete the application process through to approval.

Step 4
This is where the fun starts...we find your car

We use our network of franchised/independent dealers and numerous sources which allow us to find vehicles that have not yet been made available for public sale.

Once we have found the perfect car - we call you, share initial pictures and discuss full details of the vehicle. If you decide the car is right for you, we begin our thorough vehicle background checks.

Only once we are completely satisfied with the checks, we buy the car!

Step 5
Premium car preparation as standard

We prepare every vehicle we find to a very high level. As standard, your car will receive: 12 months MOT, a full service, a 218-point pre-delivery inspection, a 20-mile pre-delivery test drive, a full bodywork inspection, removal of "through paintwork" scratches and dents, a professional interior and exterior valet, 12 months platinum plus warranty (Warranty Wise).

Step 6
Collection or delivery? You decide!

If you choose to collect your vehicle, you can take your time to look over the car and any supporting documents. Finally...we sign the finance agreements, and you can drive your new car away!

Alternatively, we offer to deliver anywhere in mainland UK - for a fixed (per mile) delivery charge.

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